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Parent and Educator Information​

Get a head start on assisting your student in making a college decision for TCC. The Steps to TCC page will also assist your student start their journey at TCC.

Discuss Educational Options with your Student

  1. Most jobs and careers require some form of training beyond high school.
  2. Education is an investment that increases in value over time.
  3. In a lifetime, a college graduate will earn up to one-million dollars more a year than a high school graduate.
  4. College degrees and certificates will offer individuals a broad array of job and career options.
  5. A college education teaches students to think critically and to make well-informed decisions.
  6. Attending college teaches students how to think independently, explore their interests, and understand the issues that impact the world.  
  7. Students can add to their education by gaining certifications and additional skill classes to stay current in their chosen career fields.

Developing an Action Plan for Your Student 

Discussing motivation and goal-setting with you student is important.  Motivation drives students to meet their academic, career and personal goals  You can assist your student in  making positive decisions that lead to attending and completing college. 


 Middle School College Planning Steps

  • Set up a savings account for your student's college education and contribute regularly to the account.
  • Encourage your student to take challenging courses in school and make the best grades possible.
  • Establish regular study time and location with information there related to school assignments.
  • Read with your student each day for 15-30 minutes in subject areas that do not pertain to their studies.
  • Research different college and university websites to discover admissions requirements and scholarships .
  • Work with your student to find volunteer opportunities in the community, so you student can begin a resume.
  • Keep communication clear and consistent with your student and discuss educational options often.



 9th Grade College Planning Steps

  • ​If you haven’t already got an idea where your career interests lie, start to think about it. Begin the research.
  • Find out what the graduation requirements are in your state.
  • Verify that your coursework for this year fits into the recommended schedule for graduation.
  • Meet with your guidance counselor and start talking about what you are going to need to do now to go to college. Include advanced placement courses in your discussions.
  • Take school seriously. This is your future we’re talking about, and every grade you earn – from now on – counts.
  • Sign up to volunteer for community service opportunities and begin a resume.

 10th Grade College Planning Steps

  • Visit with your guidance counselor.
  • Is it too early to enroll in advanced placement classes?
  • Check out your progress on your graduation plan. Are you on track?
  • Register to take the PSAT test in the fall. This is the practice test for the SAT, and the test to see if you can qualify for a National Merit Scholarship. In some states the alternative to the SAT is the ACT exam. If yours in one of those, plan to take the PLAN test in the fall (the ACT practice test)
  • Participate in school activities. Join clubs and get active.
  • Colleges, universities, and scholarship committees are looking for well rounded, active students.
  • Continue to volunteer. It’s amazing how many colleges and scholarships now include community service activity as one of their application eligibility requirements.

 11th Grade College Planning Steps

  • ​Meet with your guidance counselor check progress.
  • Consider your high school dual enrollment options with TCC.
  • Enroll in advanced placement courses. In the end it will save money, and colleges like to see these on applications.
  • Register for the SAT or ACT. Both may be re-taken to attain the best scores.
  • Attend the college fair at your school.
  • Have a serious talk with your parents about your education and career goals. College is expensive, and frank discussions now will avoid disappointment later.
  • Look into scholarships. Thousands of dollars go unclaimed every year because no one applied for them.
  • Be aware of deadlines for both college and scholarship applications.
  • Contact those schools on your final list; request student information packets.
  • Plan to visit colleges on your list over the summer.
  • Keep up with your community service activities.

 12 Grade College Planning Steps

  • Check your progress and make sure you are on track for graduation.
  • Know what scores are needed on your AP exams to get college credit for the course.
  • Continue to take TCC dual enrollment classes.
  • Meet with your guidance counselor.
  • Apply to the schools on your list in the early fall.
  • Apply for scholarships by the due dates specified.
  • Go on line to FAFSA as soon as possible and complete the free application for Federal Student Aid. This will determine how much aid you may be qualified for, and is required for many scholarship applications.
  • Acceptance letters from schools usually arrive in early May. Scholarship award letters also arrive then.
  • Make your final selection; inform any other colleges you applied to know.
  • Don’t relax yet! Senior grades count, and admission acceptance may be rescinded if you don’t do well.
  • Request final transcripts be sent to your college.

​Additional Resources

Tallahassee Community College knows the importance of staying connected with parents, high school counselors and other community constituents. We hope you find the following links useful.

Contact Information

For more information contact Admissions and Enrollment Services by phone (850) 201-8555 or e-mail

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